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Renovating Your Home

Monday, 3rd December, 2012 4:45pm

If you are after a change in life, doing up your home might be just the shakeup you are looking for! It will also add value to your house, making you money in the long run.

So instead of just wasting away all the pennies you have saved over the years you will be making a sound investment that you will get a lot of enjoyment out of at the same time. An extension or a new kitchen can do wonders for a building, giving it a completely different functionality and utility.

Where to Start

Of course you will need to work out first what the possibilities are. Work out a budget, there is no point speculating about doing work you cannot afford. Part of this will involve finding out what different things cost, whether you will need to get contractors in or whether you might be able to carry out a substantial proportion of the work yourself, time permitting. Shop around, look for good deals, and get as many quotes as possible for the work you want done.


After working out what proportion of your savings you are willing to spend on this project it is worth looking around elsewhere to see if there is anywhere you might be able to find any extra funding. If you live in Dublin, for example, you can apply for grants to improve your home. Phone up your local council for a chat, they will take into account your personal needs and circumstances and assess your eligibility for some extra cash.

Tools and Equipment

It will be more cost effective, if more time consuming, to do as much of the work as possible yourself. Though remember to factor in any tools and equipment that you might need to buy, borrow or hire to get the job done. These may be smaller items such as saws and hammers. There might be bigger items that you need as well such as cement mixers and skips. Type into the internet skip hire Dublin to make sure what you need is available and how much you can expect to pay for it.

Getting it Right

It is absolutely imperative that, if you do decide to do it yourself, you do it exactly right first time. There is nothing like the hassle as well as the money and time you would have to spend should anything go wrong. Consult as many professionals as you can to get the best advice before you start the project and if you have any friends in the relevant trade ask them for a hand. It is always best to learn to do something right the first time.

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