Are you right there Percy, are you right?

Friday, 22nd March, 2019 4:49pm

Are you right there Percy, are you right?

The Percy French Troubadours

In an evening of nostalgia and recalling songs from a bygone era Mullahoran Community Hall are set to stage a show you cannot miss. The Community Hall plays host to the 14 strong Percy French Troubadours, who invite you to join with them for an evening of songs, poems and sketches of, by, or about Percy French.
Oliver Beirne is one of the travelling troupe dedicated to bringing laughter, song and craic to the masses: “It all started in 2012. It’s a story of the lifetime of Percy French, with a little introduction to the songs.”
The group consists a band of keyboard, guitar, accordion, violin, bass guitar, drums and a group of singers. Not only will they perform most of Percy French’s favourite songs but also enact dramatic scenes of some of his work using some clever miming. The show has everything from songs to drama, and from poetry to comedy.
Featuring all-time favourites ‘Come back Paddy Reilly to Ballyjamesduff’,  ‘Are ye right there Michael?’, ‘The Darling Girl from Clare’, ‘To The West’, ‘The Four Farrellys’ and ‘Abdul Abulbul Amir’ (Percy’s first successful song), this is non-stop entertainment.
It’s also a show with audience participation, they’ll even give out a sheet with all the words to encourage people to sing along: “We expect the audience to help us with the singing. We are all retirees with nothing to do but sing and talk,” Oliver told the Celt.
The Percy French Troubadours have clocked up an impressive number of gigs as they fundraising for a variety of local charities. The troupe assist in the raising of funds for charities across the country: “We have raised around €78,000 for charities with this show. We are proud of that. Hospices, schools and community developments have all benefitted from our shows,” Oliver said.
The Songs and Poems of Percy French with The Percy French Troubadours and guests is on this Saturday March 23. 
The show starts at 8:30pm in Mullahoran Hall. Admission is €15. Tickets can be obtained by calling 087 6484874 / 087 8515262 or at Lynch’s Gala on 043 6683129.

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