Arva lad's got the X-Factor

Story by Tom Kelly

Wednesday, 27th August, 2008 12:00pm

Little does Arva know, but while Busy Fingers is playing in the Breffini Arms, they have an 2008 X-Factor contestant in their mist. Trevor Kaneswaren, originally from Dublin but now living in Arva, enjoyed his time on X-Factor show and says he will be back for more. 'I knew I wanted to do it, I love music. I got good feedback, enjoyed the experience and I"m going to improve and go back next year definitely,' says Trevor.

When asked what the judging panel of Louis Walsh, Simon Cowell, Danni Minogue and the lovely Cheryl Cole were like, Trevor replied; 'The judges were lovely in the auditions.

The competition was very tough, at the end of the day there is only one prize and everyone is going for it,' says Trevor. Thousands participate in auditions every year for their shot at the big time. The X-Factor auditions are one of the most popular shows on TV at the moment.

'My first audition was in Glasgow, and was my first time singing on stage on my own,' says Trevor. Trevor competed in the 16-25 year-old category, which is one of the most competitive within the X-Factor show. 'I got down to boot camp in London. The experience was brilliant. It was my first time on stage, and I met great people and learned a lot,' says Trevor.

'My mam is living in Arva for five years now, I"m back down with mam now,' says Trevor. His claim to fame is off to a great start, but there"s not just him, it"s in the genes.

Star family

This family are a talented young bunch. His sister Gail Kaneswaren, model, participated in Charity You"re A Star in 2006. Trevor"s other sister Hazel took part in Popstars The Rivals and was a Judge on You"re a Star a few years back.

Twin brothers, Siva and Kumar, are now featuring on London catwalks with Storm Modelling Agency and the twins recently starred in Rock Rivals. Not only that, Trevor"s brother David had a Number 1 hit with the boyband Zoo.

When asked what his next venture was, Trevor replied; 'At the moment, I have moved back to Arva since returning from the auditions and I intend to go travelling abroad.' Trevor attended Cavan College in 2004-2005 and studied the sport recreation course there.

No doubt the Kaneswaren house will be having some special performers this Christmas. 'Any family occasion usually ends up in a singsong,' says Trevor. But this is no ordinary family with talent oozing from every pore. Wouldn"t you love to be a fly on the wall at family singsong time?

Watch out for Trevor in the Glasgow auditions due to be televised soon and follow his progress through Boot Camp.

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