New rates could ‘put a lot of people out of business’

Story by Seamus Enright

Thursday, 11th April, 2019 5:37pm

New rates could ‘put a lot of people out of business’

Cavan County Council is to seek a meeting with the representatives of the Revaluation Office after the recently completed process saw a spike in the estimated cost of rate bills for businesses in some towns across the county.
Following the Revaluation Process, businesses have been receiving their Proposed Valuation Certificates.
But, as Fianna Fáil’s Clifford Kelly pointed out, his home town of Kingscourt is now facing a new valuation of €200 for the first 6.1 metres, and €100 thereafter.
It would, Cllr Kelly stated, “put a lot of people out of business".
“There is pandemonium,” Cllr Kelly added, referring to Duleek in neighbouring Co Meath, which has a valuation rate of €140 for the first 6.1 metres and half thereafter.


“It’s a huge burden on the rate payers,” Cllr Kelly went on, noting how the local business community had held a meeting to discuss the recent revaluation in Kingscourt at Dun Na Rí House.
Encouraging businesses to appeal the decision of the valuations office, he said it may even be necessary for some to bring the matter as far as tribunal level.
“They seem to think Kingscourt is part of the greater Dublin area.”
Fine Gael’s Winston Bennett supported his Council colleague, noting that he had been informed by one business person, if the new rate was not altered, then there was “no way they’d be able to stay in business".
Cllr John Paul Feeley (FF) also supported the motion, while remarking that when a presentation had been made previously to elected members on the revaluation process, they had been informed it would lead to a reduction in costs for up to 60% of local businesses.
Others to contribute to the debate included Sinn Fein’s Noel Connell and Paddy McDonald, and Fine Gael’s Paddy O’Reilly.

The Revaluation Office will, meanwhile, host a walk in clinic on Tuesday, April 23, from 1-7pm in Johnston Library Cavan, at which Valuation Office staff will be present to answer queries relating to the Proposed Valuation Certificates for 2019.

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