There have been two fatalities and at least one serious crash on the N3 north and south of Butlersbridge in recent months.

TII to visit Drumsillagh crash sites

Officials at Transport Infrastructure Ireland are to visit the stretch of road at Drumsillagh, the scene of numerous serious traffic accidents in recent years, as part of an agreed review of the section of roadway and proposals to introduce road safety measures.

Eamon Ryan, Minister for Transport, confirmed the development when replying to a Parliamentary Question tabled by Cavan-Monaghan TD Niamh Smyth in the Dáil last week. He said that each year Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) carries out a collision analysis of the entire national road network, as required. The purpose of the exercise is to “identify locations that have high concentrations of collisions”. However, he noted that the sections of road directly to the south and north of Butlersbridge on the N3 were “not” among those highlighted in the latest collision analysis as having “an above average collision rate”.

Since the start of the year there has been two fatal road traffic colisions within a couple of kilometres of each other - Ciara Lynch Ellis (23) in March, and Luke Byrne (17) at Annagh in June.

As well as reported “near misses”, most recently, towards the end of August, emergency services were called to the scene of a multi-vehicle collision at Drumsillagh, previously described by local councillors as a “death trap” junction.

There have been repeated calls for the council to engage with TII over the need to install turning lanes at several junction points along the N3, and confirmation that such engagement was to take place was welcomed by Deputy Smyth and others.

The Minister, in his response to the TD, noted that TII had accepted, following “the more recent occurrences of serious and/or fatal collisions on this section of road” that a review was needed.

“TII will review this section of the N3 and plans to visit the site this month and discuss this matter with Cavan County Council, as road authority for the county.”

Minister Ryan said that, should the review indicate that a “road safety intervention” is required, Cavan County Council would then be tasked with preparing a feasibility and options report, which can be submitted to TII for “consideration”.

“In order for TII to consider funding proposals relating to national roads, Cavan County Council would be required to propose a design for a scheme,” he said.

The local authority will also have to carry out an economic appraisal of the proposal, fully cost the scheme and prioritise the scheme in relation to other works being proposed locally.