52 more farmers turn Organic in Cavan in 2024

More than 50 farmers in Cavan have joined the Organic Farming Scheme this year, bringing the total to 274 in Cavan and 5000 across the country.

Senator Pauline O'Reilly, Green Party candidate for Europe in the region, said: "We have a tripling of the area being farmed organically in Ireland since 2020 and Cavan has one of the highest number of new entries. These are really significant milestones, and they show that the organic sector in Ireland is continues to grow at a significant pace."

She added that many farmers in Ireland are at stocking rates where they can easily replace expensive chemical fertiliser and imported concentrates with multispecies grass and red clover.

"It takes a high level of skill and understanding of how healthy soil works to trust yourself to farm organically, and Irish farmers are well able for this challenge.”