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I probably would not do it again - Garda Whistleblower

Story by Sean McMahon

Thursday, 16th February, 2017 7:40am

I probably would not do it again - Garda Whistleblower

Maurice and Lorraine McCabe. Photo: Barry Cronin

Garda Whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe has told The Anglo-Celt in an EXCLUSIVE interview that the latest revelations involving Tusla and the gardaí have been "just vile" and if he could turn back time, he would probably not do it all again because "of what they did to me".

Celt reporter Sean McMahon spoke to the McCabes in their home on Monday night after Fianna Fáil leader Michael Martin had departed the family home.

Here is the transcript of that interview...


The Anglo-Celt: Do you welcome the fact that it now seems to be going towards a public inquiry?

Maurice McCabe: "I do Sean, it looks as if it is going to go for that – hopefully in the morning [Tuesday], we may know a bit more”.

AC: Do you anticipate that will be judge led?

MMC: “It will be Judge led, in public.”

AC: The fact that it is in public – does that make all the difference to you?

MMC: “It does, yes.”

AC: Does it matter the duration of that, if the truth is got to?

MMC: “No, it does not really matter, once it is got at. We need a lot of answers to our questions.”

AC: You have set out six detailed questions in your detailed statement today [Monday] and you want answers to those?

MMC: “We do.”

AC: Could some of those questions have be answered without a Tribunal?

MMC: “Within one hour.”

AC: Now that it will be a public inquiry under a judge, are you confident it will get to the bottom of all the issues that you and your wife wish to have addressed?

MMC: “Yes, we are Sean, we are.”

AC: It's been a long road Maurice and as you outlined in your statement, it's been a traumatic one. If you were to do it all over again, would you do it?

MMC: “Oh, probably not, probably not, because of what they did to me. I did not do anything to them, they did it to me.”

AC: Can you make any comment about how it impacted on your lives?

MMC: “Eight years of abuse – eight years of constant abuse.”

AC: It's been rough on you and all the family – not easy to live with Maurice?

MMC: “No, Sean. We just want it to finish and let us go back to live our lives, the way we did eight years ago.”

Lorraine McCabe: “We want the truth.”

AC: Which has caused An Garda Siochana more reputational damage – the content of your original allegations or how you have been dealt with in the aftermath?

MMC: “I think the latest thing with HSE and Tusla and the guards, has been just vile.”

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