Cavan has biggest full Irish

Hung-over? Absolutely starving? Then head down to the Hard Boiled Egg cafe in Cavan town. They have launched a bid to be recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as serving the largest Irish breakfast in the world. The traditional Irish breakfast has often been maligned as a 'heart attack on a plate' but this was probably an exaggeration, until now. The breakfast, which is now being served, consists of ten rashers, ten sausages, ten eggs, five pieces of pudding, five hash browns, chips, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans and ten slices of toast with plenty of tea. The team at Hard Boiled Egg should find out within the next month if their breakfast officially breaks the current world record. A restaurant in Bristol in the UK is the current holder of the record with a breakfast that weighs in at six pounds and six ounces. The Cavan-based cafe beats this weight by a good eight ounces coming in at over seven pounds. John Gaughan, owner of the Hard Boiled Egg cafe, said: "When we plated it up it's a huge, huge breakfast." The record-breaking breakfast went on the menu over a week ago but the hungry punters must be working on their appetite. John said that a few people have promised to attempt the mammoth task of eating the entire breakfast. The breakfast is good value at €19.95, although if you can eat the entire thing in half an hour it is on the house. Free breakfast anyone?