Pictured is the window as it was, secondly, Cllr McCartin standing beside the hole left by those to took the carved-stone window frame

Dismay as island church damaged

Locals on the border with Cavan and Leitrim have expressed dismay at news that a 15-century Church was vandalised in the unwarranted taking of a carve-stone window frame from the old Church Island Abbey on Garadice Lake.

Cllr John McCartin is among those who have issued a public call for the return of a 500-year-old stone window frame. Gardai are currently investigating the matter, as is the national monuments section of the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

“The window couldn't possible be of much use to the thieves as it is unique and would be instantly recognisable to anyone who has been on the island or seen photos of it”, Cllr McCartin told The Anglo-Celt.

He also said the theft of the window was “deeply disturbing” given the depth of history in the Newtowngore area and the church's importance to the local area.

“Sadly, there is no respect for anything or anyone these days. This unique landmark has been grossly disfigured for little or no reason.

Those who stole the window were not just casual passers by who swiped it on the spur of the moment. The window consisted of several heavy cut stones and must have weighed several hundred kilos. This job was planned in advance and executed by a at least two or more people.”

See this week's Anglo-Celt newspaper for full report and details

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