Protestors in Belcoo make their feelings known.

Leitrim CoCo joins fracking protest, Cavan meets tomorrow

Ahead of tomorrow’s extraordinary meeting of Cavan County Council on fracking, Leitrim’s councillors have this morning (Thursday, July 31) unanimously condemned the actions of Tamboran Resources in pre-empting the start of drilling at a quarry in Co Fermanagh.

A full chamber of Cavan County Council will meet tomorrow (Friday, August 1) over US firm Tamboran’s proposal to drill samples from a quarry in Belcoo for gas analysis.

Fracking is short for hydraulic fracturing, a highly industrial process involving pumping a mix of water, sand, shale and chemicals under huge pressure into gas-bearing rock for extraction of the fuel.

Tamboran describes itself as a ‘private international exploration company focused on finding and developing unconventional oil and gas resources in multiple basins around the world’.

Tamboran has already erected security fencing at the quarry on Gandrum Road and have sought a High Court injunction against protesters at the site.

The process has been widely criticised by protestors, who cite environmental and health dangers.

In a special meeting this morning, reports RTE, councillors stressed the need for unity between all parties in the fight against the introduction of hydraulic fracturing both north and south of the border.

The 18 members of Leitrim County Council voted to not only condemn the actions of Tamboran, but also voted to show their support for the people of Fermanagh by agreeing to join those protesting at the gates of the quarry.

There was widespread shock and condemnation over Tamboran’s recent move to the Belcoo quarry.

A number of councillors who have already attended the protest site, spoke of their anger over the installation of security fencing and razor wire.

Earlier this year, Leitrim passed a motion which saw hydraulic fracturing prohibited under the County Development Plan.

Questions are also being raised about the legality of any drilling on-site if the quarry is unlicensed.

Politicians north and south of the border are following up on this and it is hoped that further information will be forthcoming in the next few days.

Cavan County Council is also holding an emergency meeting on the same issue tomorrow and it is understood that Sligo County Council is considering holding a similar meeting next week.

Anti-fracking protesters have established a a community camp outside the quarry in Belcoo and are maintaining a 24-hour vigil at the gates of the quarry.