Michael Mooney (left) and Peter McGinnity need your help to save the parade.

CELT CAMPAIGN: Save our St Patrick's Day parade

The 2016 St Patrick’s Day parade is hanging by a thread according to overstretched organisers, who are appealing for help, writes Paul Neilan.
On Monday (January 18), only five people turned up at a parade AGM, forcing the meeting to be “indefinitely postponed”.
“We desperately need help because as it stands there’s not going to be a parade,” said chairman Peter McGinnity. 
“It would be a crying shame for the county town not to have a parade in this year of all years,” he said.
“We couldn’t take a vote at the AGM, we hadn’t enough people,” he added.
The parade pulls in hundreds of thousands for traders. “It’s doable and enjoyable - we need people to call into either myself [Slieve Rossa pub] or Peter [McGinnity’s pub] because it’s under serious doubt and it’ll be very hard to get back once gone,” said current PRO Michael Mooney.