GE2016 Profile: Cllr Niamh Smyth (FF)

Name: Cllr Niamh Smyth (FF)

Occupation: Arts Education Officer for Cavan and Monaghan Education & Training Board (CMETB).

Marital Status: Married to James Conaty


'My first priority is to get elected and to provide a new, enthusiastic voice for Cavan and Monaghan. Issues like health, education and housing are impacting on families right across this constituency and I want to see workable proposals put forward to tackle these problems.

'Fianna Fáil wants ensure that the mean, regressive measures implemented by Fine Gael and Labour over the past five years are reversed.  I want a fairer Ireland, where the most vulnerable are protected.  I want to see improved health services, more GPs, better community healthcare.

'There are almost 2,500 families on social housing waiting lists between Cavan and Monaghan. This is a local emergency. My party has put forward a credible plan to tackle this crisis, including a pledge to build 45,000 social units.

'Many people living in rural parts of the constituency are well of this Government’s failure to roll out adequate broadband provision.  This is not only frustrating for families, it is detrimental for businesses, who are building up online trade. Fianna Fáil has committed  to fibre broadband for every home and business in the country. I will bring a blend of youth, enthusiasm and energy and work tirelessly toinvigorate and inspire the electorate place their trust in us again.'