Cavan people take part in the rally for life

Delegation from Cavan join “rally for life”

County Cavan was well represented as tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Dublin to participate in the “rally for life”. The march was the largest event of the referendum campaign to date and heard from a range of speakers urging people to vote against the forthcoming referendum.

“It was great to see such a huge crowd from the county there” said Patricia Friel, a spokesperson from Cavan for Life.

Ms Friel said that people are concerned about the Government proposal: “A lot of ordinary voters out there are a bit worried maybe about the hard cases, but they’re really shocked when the find out that this referendum will legalise abortion on demand for the first three months of pregnancy and introduce the British model of two doctors signing off on “mental health grounds” for abortion right up until birth”.

The Cavan for Life spokesperson said she is convinced changing the constitution is a bad idea: “There’s this myth out there that the 8th amendment harms women, but it absolutely does not. What it does is to guarantee a woman and her unborn baby a right to life. If we take it out of the constitution, there’ll be no protection at all for the unborn child, and that’s just not something most people agree with.”

Commending the support from Cavan Ms Friel said: “It was a great day, and we’re very optimistic now that people will vote No to this referendum. It’s just a bad law, it’s very extreme, and it puts a lot of very healthy, perfectly well unborn babies in the firing line. That’s not what people want to see”.