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Arrests after stolen goods seized


Gardai have arrested three people after recovering more than €1,000 of goods including high-end tools and kitchen appliances stolen from stores in Cavan and Monaghan.

Gardai in Castleblayney made the discovery after stopping and searching a vehicle at Carrickmacross on Monday last, April 9.

The property recovered was that stolen from a number of supermarkets and DIY stores across region.

The trio arrested arrested have been charged with the alleged thefts, and will appear before scheduled court sitting in the near future.

“Castleblayney Gardai recovered over €1,000 worth of stolen property when they stopped and searched a car in Carrickmacross on Monday,” a Garda spokesperson for the Cavan-Monaghan Garda Division wrote on social media.

“Property was stolen from a number of supermarkets and DIY stores across Cavan and Monaghan. 3 people were arrested and charged and will appear in court. All property was returned to the stores,” they added.




The thefts come at a time of increasing pressure for embattled local retailers and shop owners, who are facing the brunt and financial burden of items going missing from their stores.

In this week's Anglo-Celt newspaper (Page 3), journalist Sean McMahon spoke to Sean Tarpey, the owner of two SuperValu stores in Cavan, who lifted the lid on how shoplifters are becoming more creative in their attempts to steal such high-value items.

It has resulted in retailers investing in high-tech security cameras, alarms and in some cases security guards as they attempt to deter and detect these unscrupulous thieves.

Mr Tarpey estimates his losses from shoplifters at close to one per cent of his overall turnover.

He even revealed how some thieves are using their children to put items like a leg of lamb into an empty school bag, while other ‘bogus shoplifters’ are targeting the store with compo scams.

“You believe they have shop lifted, then they are arrested and then they sue you – that is another big issue for ourselves. We are getting wiser to all these scams but it is a very challenging environment – a false arrest now could cost you €5,000 to €10,000 in compensation.”


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