Yvonne with the little kitten after its ordeal.

Kitten dies from internal injuries after being shoved through charity shop letter box

The Cavan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has contacted gardaí after a kitten, which was shoved through the charity shop's letterbox on Thursday night, had to be put down following the incident.

One of the shop's volunteers Yvonne Forde said: "Unfortunately since this story was reported, the poor wee kitten has been put to sleep due to vets discovering she had severe internal irreparable damage due to being shoved through our letterbox. Heartbroken doesn't cover it. This will be reported to the Gardaí so we can find the culprit."


After workers discovered the kitten in a distressed state, and prior to the animal being put to sleep, the CSPCA had contacted The Anglo-Celt.

The charity is reminding the public that it does not accept animals at its charity shop on Ashe Street in Cavan Town.

One of the shop's volunteers Yvonne Forde found the kitten in a distressed state when opening the shop today (Friday) and contacted the Celt. She said the kitten could have been there all night and was limping and very frightened.

Here's she tells the Celt a little about the cute kitten's ordeal but sadly the animal later had to be humanely distroyed.