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Gyproc give assurances over GAA pitch and community centre

A replacement of the Magheracloone GAA Club and Community Centre facilities rendered unsafe following the emergence of enormous sinkholes is "not in question", according to mining company Gyproc.

The subsidence event last September hit the national headlines as homes were evacuated and roads closed to protect the public. It was reportedly caused by collapsing mine pillars.

The area affected included Maghercloone GAA pitch, and in subsequent months led to the club having to resort to using a temporary GAA ground. The company intends to mine the lands which contained the former GAA club.

Referring to the plans to replace the GAA and community facilites affected the company said:

"Gyproc’s commitment to ensure this happens has not waivered and remains in place.

They also outlined today that its "preferred option and plan for the community and GAA facilities formerly used on the site of the Magheracloone GAA Club & Community Centre is a significantly upgraded and state of the art facility at a nearby location".

A Gyproc spokesperson claimed that they were intending to do this regardless of the emergence of the crown holes and sink holes. 

"The proposed upgraded facility was part of discussions before last September’s subsidence and details of this long-term plan have not changed as a result of the subsidence. The proposals form part of a planned wider investment in the area being considered by Gyproc. 

This upgraded and state of the art facility, pending the wider investment, is Gyproc’s preferred option and would be part of the company’s commitment to the area and community that it has been part of for over 80 years. This investment plan also includes the development, subject to planning permission, of an open cast mine on Gyproc lands, the lands formerly used for the Magheracloone GAA Club & Community Centre, and acquisition by Gyproc of the relevant lands that it does not currently own to facilitate the development of the mine." 

"Gyproc reiterates that, if the wider planned investment in the area does not proceed for any reason, the company will fully fund the rebuilding and replacement of the Magheracloone GAA Club & Community Centre facilities which were rendered unsafe following the subsidence incident last September."

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