Over 2k added to register since locals


More than 2,000 people had their names added to the Supplementary Register in time to vote for the upcoming General Election, February 8.

The additions were made since the local elections concluded last year, May 2019, with the total electorate for Cavan now standing at 55,655.

The total valid electorate for Cavan-Monaghan at the last General Election in 2016 was 90,618, with a turnout of over 66%, setting a quota just shy of 12,000.

The Celt understands last minute voter registration was high in some parts of the county in the run up to the deadline of January 22.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar called the Irish general election on January 14, leaving just two days before the cut off point for postal votes to register.

Others had a little over a week to ensure their name had been added to the register.

All parties in the run-up to deadline ran voter registration drives on the doorsteps and promoted signing-up through social media.