New safety camera zones across Cavan revealed

Over 900 new safety camera zones will come into force across the country from early Monday morning next (February 17), 20 of which will be located in Cavan.
It brings the total number of safety camera zones in the county up to 35, 16 of which are placed on national roads, 15 on regional routes, and four within the local network.

Since 2010, An Garda Síochána has supported the use of safety cameras, using service provider ‘GoSafe’ to operate them, with the primary purpose to “reduce speed relatedn collisions, lessen injuries and save lives”.
Safety cameras operate in areas where there is a history of speed-related collisions.
More than 1.5 million speeding tickets have been issued since the introduction of safety cameras 10 years ago.
There is now set to be a total of 1,322 safety camera zones nationwide, with An Garda Síochána noting that road deaths have decreased from 415 in 2000 to a provisional figure of 148 last year.
By comparison, there are now 21 safety camera zones in neighbouring Co Monaghan, with nine on national roads, 11 on regional routes and one on a route classified as 'Other'.
Elsewhere, Leitrim has 13 zones; Longford has 16 and Meath has 48.
All active zones are available on the Garda website and available for GPS Navigation providers.
Commenting on the announcement Moyagh Murdock, chief executive, Road Safety Authority said: “Speed remains the single biggest contributory factor to road deaths in this country and is estimated to be a factor in a third of fatal crashes. Driving too fast increases your risk of being involved in a crash and increases the severity of a crash.”
The rollout of new speed detection devices to Roads Policing Units is ongoing, with gardaí set to continue to enforce the speed limits nationwide in addition to the ‘GoSafe’ consortium.
GoSafe are contracted to provide a minimum of 7,400 hours of speed enforcement and 100 hours surveying per month as directed by An Garda Síochána. Key performance indicators are also set for the company to ensure enforcement is targeted at key days and times.
The number of vehicles detected by GoSafe in excess of the speed limit is on average less than one vehicle per hour of monitoring, it’s claimed.