County Cavan has highest rate of Coronavirus infection in Ireland

Cavan is now the county with the highest rate of infection of Coronavirus, having overtaken Dublin in recent days.
There are now 611.7 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the county per 100,000 of population. It equates to 466 COVID-19 positive cases in real terms.
The figures are valid as of midnight, April 21, the latest time for which this level of analysis is available. They are also based on the 2016 Census of Population.
The data is contained in a report 'Epidemiology of COVID-19 in Ireland' prepared by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC).
The infection rate in Dublin, the county with the largest number of confirmed cases in Ireland, meanwhile, is 609.8 cases per 100K of population.
Cavan and Dublin are the only two counties to exceed the 600-mark or even the 500-mark for the rate of infection per 100K.
Westmeath is next on a rate of 445, followed by County Monaghan on 406 (a total of 249 cases).