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Cavan's COVID-19 hotspots revealed for the first time

New figures published last night show, for the first time, the breakdown of COVID-19 cases by local area.

The figures are broken down by electoral division – and are up to date as of June 12.

They highlight huge variations in the incidence of COVID-19 in the county of Cavan, with the largest number of Coronavirus positives concentrated in and around Cavan Town and Virginia, two of the biggest population centres in the Breffni county.

There were 258 confirmed cases in the Cavan Rural area, which takes in a population of 8,273 as per the 2016 Census of Population. This translates to a confirmed infection rate of 3.12%.

Virginia was second on the list in terms of the volume of confirmed Coronavirus cases at 93 per 4,400 of population or a rate of 2.11%

The Cavan Urban area followed next with 76 confirmed cases per 3,770 of population (2.02%).

Completing the top five areas in terms of the number of cases recorded were Ballyjamesduff and Bailieborough on 53 and 27 cases respectively. That translates to an infection rate of 1.64% of the population in Ballyjamesduff (3,238) and 0.67% of the population in Bailieborough (4,005).

The figures were published by the Department of Health and are a collaboration between the Department of Health, Ordnance Survey Ireland, the All-Ireland Research Observatory, HPSC, HSE and the Central Statistics Office.

In terms of the rate of infection, the area with the highest incidence in County Cavan is Grilly, just east of Belturbet, with a rate of 4.12% or 20 cases for its small population of 485. It's followed by the Cavan Rural area with an incident rate of 3.12%.

At the opposite end of the scale, Bailieborough, despite having a population of over 4,000 people only recorded 27 cases or 0.67% of its population.

Cases were recorded in other electoral divisions for the period concerned but were all under five or less cases

Any electoral divisions where the number was five or less is simply marked as less than five.

All other electoral divisions in the county are in this category, bar those listed below.

In other words, if the electoral division is not listed below, the reason is because the number is less than five and the exact number is not specified in the official figures.

Latest figures show that the number of confirmed cases for County Cavan as of June 16 is 860 or a rate of 3.39% of population.

County Cavan has recorded the highest incident rate of Coronavirus in the country - at 1,129 per 100,000 of population. It's followed by Dublin on 908.4 and neighbouring County Monaghan on 873.2 - completing the top three nationally.

Those figures are up to date as of June 16.

COVID-19 hotspots in County Cavan by Electoral area
Electoral DivisionCasesPop% of Population
Cavan Rural25882733.12%
Cavan Urban7637702.02%
Larah North54721.06%

- Up to date per electoral division as per June 12, based on 2016 population figures.

- Cases were recorded in other electoral divisions for the period concerned but were all under five or less cases