Givney: 'You never know what next year might bring'

Move home on the horizon at some point for London-based Mountnugent ace

Former Cavan footballer David Givney has not ruled out a return to the colours of home club Mountnugent.

Givney was a key player for Cavan for the guts of a decade before opting out after the 2016 season. He is now based in London and lines out with the Fulham Irish club.

In an interview with former Armagh star Oisin McConville in the Sunday Life, Givney was asked about returning to play football in Cavan.

“It’s always in the back of my mind. I am still in contact with Cavan lads like Raymond Galligan and would like to help my club Mountnugent, who invested in me when I was young. You never know what the next year will bring, so I won’t discount anything,” he said.

The midfielder also spoke about the commitment required to play inter-county football at present.

“There’s a real difference playing over here. It’s not as pressurised as it is at home — it’s just not taken as seriously here. We don’t start training until May, but at home you would have six months of pre-season (training) done. That’s what makes it 10 times more enjoyable. The standard has improved dramatically also.

“When I started playing,” he continued, “I was playing with lads like Larry Reilly and Dermot McCabe, who were coming to the end of their careers, so I’ve seen both sides of it. The difference is crazy: the commitment has ramped up and the nutrition and the video analysis have gone through the roof. Some of the older heads maybe weren’t prepared for it. GPS plays a big part too. A lot of the analysis that’s used is used in-game and you’re conscious that if you’re not doing it, you won’t last.

Asked how difficult he found it playing for a Cavan team who were “struggling”, he said: “It’s tough. In Cavan, football is a religion, but my priorities have changed along the way and it is no longer as important to me. Family and work take a back seat and there is a huge amount of juggling to keep it all going.

“There is huge pressure from supporters. Playing for your county is the pinnacle and there are pressures to please them (supporters) and pressures to perform every day.”

While he did not expand on the possibility of returning to the player with the Cavan senior team, Givney expressed a desire to return home.

“Everyone misses home. For me, London is a means to an end. I’m 30 and the money is good here and the standard of living is good. I’m hoping to get enough money together to build a house. My plan is to go home and work from there.”

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