The staff of St Clare’s NS hosted a drive thru graduation for their first and sixth class pupils last week. They wish all their graduates the best of luck in their new schools! The boys from first class traditionally move from the school to St Felim’s NS; while sixth class girls move on to a range of different secondary schools in the catchment area.

St Clare’s drive-thru graduation 2020

St Clare’s NS in Cavan Town have over 100 children graduating from their school this month.

Over 40 boys from first class and 60 girls from sixth class are moving on to new schools. The school hosted a drive-thru graduation at the school last week and the staff also produced a moving video to pay tribute to their students and bid them farewell.

Alma Leonard, principal of St Clare’s, says: “As a staff we felt that it was important that the children to return to the school grounds for their graduation so they could have a sense of closure on a very strange school year.

“To adhere to social distancing guidelines, we felt that a ‘Drive Through’ graduation would be the safest option to give the children a chance to say goodbye to their teachers and to receive some lovely gifts. While it is not the way we would normally end our year, it was lovely to see the children and their parents.”

All the staff of St Clare’s wish their graduates the best of luck!