Breakfast ideas that won't tip the scales!

Breakfast ideas that won't tip the scales!


Breakfast really is the most important meal and it can really set you up for the day. Here are some breakfast and snack ideas, which are low on calories but will ensure you don't go hungry throughout the day.


Chop lots of thickly sliced banana chunks, top with fat free natural yogurt and sprinkle with chopped fresh apricots. For more even more variety, try adding speed, free foods like strawberries, raspberries or melon. Delicious!


A cooked breakfast is Free at Slimming World so long as you use your healthy extra options and low calorie cooking spray and use your syns for any extras you crave. Tuck into grilled lean bacon and an egg (or two), served with baked beans, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and sautéed potatoes.


Delux scrambled eggs - For a decadent brunch, serve lightly scrambled eggs with pieces of smoked salmon (or smoked salmon trimmings - for a cheaper way to enjoy smoked salmon). Or swap the salmon for poached mushrooms and grilled tomatoes – still free and still delicious!

Enjoy eggs scrambled with black pepper, cooked Slimming World sausage pieces, cherry tomatoes or smoked salmon for a Free and easy breakfast!

Poached egg – delicious with Free chips and baked beans.

Boiled egg – soft or hard boiled, either way makes a speedy snack or handy lunchbox filler.


Use any fillings you like - a perfect opportunity to use up speed, free veg leftovers!


Bacon – keep it free by trimming all the rind and fat, then enjoy it grilled or fried (using low cal cooking spray) as crispy as you like!

Baked beans – a quick and easy way to add more filling-power to your morning!

Mushrooms – flat field mushrooms with a poached egg on top, poached button mushrooms or chestnut mushrooms sliced into scrambled eggs – all free!

Tomatoes – canned or fresh, cherry or vine, cooked or raw, they’re a fab free food at breakfast-time!

Kippers – for a smoked start to the day

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