The team that won the Senior class final in July 1970. Back (from left): Mr Lee, J. Sheridan, M. McCormack, G. Conlon, P. Gargan and C. Conaty; front, J. Smith, M. Reilly, B. Crowe (capt), D. McEntee, D. Young and B. Cullen.

From the Archives

25 years ago


Warmest June Since 1976

The month of June, 1995, brought nothing but good news for weatherman, David Small, who, to use his own words, said “it is a pleasure to report on the weather for June in Cavan”.

The Rainfall for the month was 34mm (1 3/8”) which is 37% of normal, with moisture on only six days. The heaviest fall was 19mm (3/4”) on the 19th of the month. It made June 1995 the warmest on record since 1976, with the temperature reaching 20°C, and above, on 13 days during the month.

The mean temperature was 14.25° C, which is 1.25° C above normal. The warmest day was Thursday, June 29, when the temperature reached 30° Centigrade (86° F) and the humidity was 90%...

Cavan victory over Farney men

If there was any team Cavan would have preferred to beat on their way towards a crack at the 1995 Ulster senior football championship title and The Anglo-Celt Cup, it was Monaghan. The age-old neighbouring rivalry is intense in sport and politics, and the encounter at Saint Tiarnach’s Park, Clones was no exception.

Cavan’s victory in this pulsating semi-final on a scoreline of 1-9 to 0-10, stirred emotions almost to a frenzy particularly in the first half, when Monaghan threatened to take control. However, they didn’t reckon on Cavan’s ace-in-the-pack, Fintan Cahill, inflaming passions even further with a brilliant goal after 11 minutes, which proved to be the match-winning score.



British troops cross Cavan border

Two jeep loads of British military crossed the Fermanagh-Cavan Border at Gortineddan, on the Derrylin-Ballyconnell unapproved Border road. The-patrol crossed into the townland of Scotstown, on the outskirts of Ballyconnell, where they set up a road-block for a short time. There were about 15 armed soldiers in the patrol. Motorists and passers-by were stopped, questioned and thoroughly interrogated. After some time, the troops moved back into the six counties by the same route. All traffic in the Fermanagh side of the Border was stopped and intensive military activity went on all day in the Derrylin area of County Fermanagh. A British Army helicopter hovered over the Border area throughout the day...

Suspended sentence for Cavan Post Office official

Daniel Joseph O’Kelly, (35), unmarried, of Town Hall Street, Cavan, was charged at Cavan Court that, while being an officer of the Post Office at Cavan, he stole postal packets addressed to the Missionary Convent of the Holy Rosary, Killeshandra, while in transmission by post. There were 12 charges in all, and the total amount involved was £63. The defendant pleaded guilty.

Describing it as’ a very serious offence’ Justice S Shaw sentenced the defendant to three months’ imprisonment on each of two charges, and marked the other charges proven and took them into consideration. He suspended the sentences on the defendant entering a bond to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for 12 months...

Flower pot thief in Granard

The “Flower Pot Thief” struck again in Granard. Last year several pots were stolen from outside houses where they were artistically decorated with flowers for the Tidy Town. There has been a recurrence of the thefts. Several “skellets” were stolen, either the thief has a ready market for metal or he is a souvenir hunter!

Frogs Wanted

Offering 4/- per dozen. Large quantities of big live frogs required throughout the summer. 20 and over called for on request. Write to: The Frog Farm, Kells, Co Meath...

Ballybay Tournament: Crosserlough beaten by Monaghan Champions

In the second semi-final of the Ballybay senior football tournament at Pearse Park on Sunday evening last, Ballybay had a runaway win over the Cavan champions, Crosserlough, but it must be allowed that the Cavan champions were very much below full-strength and there was a decided weakness in defence, which was riddled by the free-scoring Ballybay forwards.



Burglar apprehended

The residence of Mr LCP Smith CS at Arnmore, Cavan, was burglariously entered by a side window and a number of articles taken. The following night the station house Arva Road and several other premises in Belturbet were broken into and looted.

The next morning Cavan Volunteers effected a clever capture on the outskirts of the town, arresting a man whose movements had excited suspicion. Giving his name as Donald, the man claimed to have come to Ireland from Glasgow. He was found in possession of a bag containing articles of jewellery and other things; he had two overcoats, 36 keys of various sizes, as well as €7 in silver. A gold pen and pencil holder with diamond head, a silver watch and tobacco pouch were identified as the property of Mr Smith CS...

New way of generating electricity

Some interesting and important experiments are reported in a book by a German scientists about obtaining electricity directly from the atmosphere. The professor proposes a system of metal balloons filled with hydrogen at high level to collect electricity, which would work a motor...

Killeshandra Bazaar

There was a large attendant at the Killeshandra Bazaar organised by the ladies of the town and district. The event was in aid of the building fund for Coronea new church and was opened by Most Reverend Dr Finnegan, Lord Bishop of Kilmore.

Pic above: The team that won the Senior class final in July 1970. Back (from left): Mr Lee, J. Sheridan, M. McCormack, G. Conlon, P. Gargan and C. Conaty; front, J. Smith, M. Reilly, B. Crowe (capt), D. McEntee, D. Young and B. Cullen.