Do Not Consume notice for Mountainlodge Group Water Scheme

Cavan County Council has issued a 'Do Not Consume' notice to consumers who subscribe to the Mountainlodge Group Water Scheme. The areas affected are Laragh, Tunnyduff, parts of Poles, and Mountainlodge in Cavan.

Samples from the scheme have shown elevated levels of aluminium and manganese detected leaving the treatment plant and in the network.

The local authority has made water tankers available at Laragh national school and Tunnyduff national school.

The safety notice was issued as the elevated levels of aluminium and manganese sees drinking water quality significantly compromised and an immediate risk to health.

Following consultation with the Health Service Executive, Cavan County Council issued the' Do Not Consume Notic'e with immediate effect to protect the health of all occupants of this property for those on the Mountainlodge Group Water Supply Scheme.

Patrons are advised to use an alternative safe source of drinking water (e.g. Bottled Water) for drinking, preparing drinks made with water, cooking food and for food preparation.

The 'Do Not Consume' notice covers brushing of teeth and/or gargling and making ice and people are advised that water from the hot tap of kitchen or bathroom sinks is not safe to drink.

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