Deputy Pauline Tully

Need to address serious gaps mental health services – Tully

A local TD has called on the the Minister of State for mental health to swiftly plug the "many gaps" in the services exposed by the Covid-19 crisis.

Deputy Pauline Tully urged Minister Mary Butler to deliver the reform "promised but undelivered" by previous governments.

“There is a very serious problem in accessing mental health services in Cavan-Monaghan, which seems to be the case across the state," said Deputy Tully.

“The Mental Health Commission in its most recent annual report found that in terms of community mental health services, there was ‘an almost total absence’. They also found that in spite of gaps being identified by the 2006 strategy ‘A Vision for Change’, these supports have not to date been provided.

The Sinn Féin TD also noted that the commission highlighted problems in compliance at approved centres.

“Hygiene, maintenance, staffing and the protecting of patients' dignity and rights are major issues that need focus and investment. We need to see real action and investment," she insisted.

Deputy Tully said the Minister needs to publish a plan for multi annual funding of increased mental health services in line with the recommendations of Vision for Change and Sharing the Vision.

"This means considerably more money actually being allocated than in previous years.”