Cllr Clifford Kelly (FF).

Pressure builds over Kingscourt library

The executive of Cavan County Council is been asked to urgently pursue the sequel to the Kingscourt Library saga, thus starting a new chapter for the town as a whole.

With a new secondary school, fast bursting at the seams, Fianna Fáil's Clifford Kelly said the present situation saw many students availing of library services in nearby Carrickmacross and Nobber.

He said the problem of poor library services has blighted the town for the best part of 30 years.

At one stage, Cllr Kelly contended the town was in prime position to benefit but had somehow slipped in the pecking order in favour of other projects.

“Something has to be done to upgrade what's there,” said Cllr Kelly, speaking at the September monthly meeting of elected members.

His frustration over the lack of funding came against a backdrop where the library headquarters in Cavan Town received an allocation only the week before.

Cllr Kelly was told previously that the Council has been searching for a suitably located landbank in Kingscourt, one that could be used to develop a new library and additional parking for the town.

Director of Services Eoin Doyle told Cllr Kelly that a number of funding positions were being examined.

He agreed that investment was needed in library services in Kingscourt but contended a full “replacement” was needed, rather than an upgrade.

Mr Doyle added that the Council were “actively” looking to meet with the Library Council on that and other matters in the near future.

Cllr Kelly's response was less than enthusiastic.

He said it felt as if the town was being “put on the long finger”, and it could be “years” before a breakthrough is made.

As a local representative, Cllr Kelly said he was now “getting it in the neck”.

“You'd want to know the anger of the people up there. I ask that something is done immediately.”