Taoiseach meets with anti-Brexit group

“A deal is vital for Ireland but no more so for those of us living in Border Communities"- BCAB

An Taoiseach Micheal Martin this morning met with members of the Border Communities Against Brexit (BCAB) group.

Afterwards, members of the local representative organisation welcomed what they described as a “wide ranging meeting” during which current Brexit talks, trade agreements, the shared island initiative, effects upon EU Citizens were raised.

Also discussed were a range of other issues affecting people working and living in Border communities accessing financial services.

“BCAB would like to publicly thank An Taoiseach for meeting with Border Communities; this engagement at this crucial time in the Brexit negotiations is very important for people living in Border Communities to express to the head of Government in Ireland how deeply concerned we are at this time.”

They added that the “current mood” of the negotiations at present is “quite negative”, however, the EU under Michel Barnier's leadership they hoped that both sides would continue to engage in talks up to the last moment to get a deal.

“A deal is vital for Ireland but no more so for those of us living in Border Communities.

“We also welcomed the Shared Ireland initiative as a way to bring our Island together, with greater connectivity and investment to create jobs and support emerging technology, and cross border tourism ventures.

“We will keep in close contact with the Taoiseach's office in the coming weeks and months to ensure that the concerns of Border Communities are kept at the top of Government.”