Daniel Barr pictured after signing the acquisition agreement with Caligo earlier this month.

Entrepreneur says Cavan has 'huge potential'

Speaking to The Anglo-Celt following the announcement, Mr Barr quickly acknowledges the trust customers have placed in Cinnte since its establishment in 2010.

The acquisition of Cavan's Cinnte Technologies last week by internationally recognised Caligo is another milestone in the inspiring journey of a local firm, from humble beginnings to becoming a fast-growing tech player.

Owner Daniel Barr laughs when looking back at where it all started in 2010.

A dedicated member of the local fire service and in search of opportunities to keep him closer to home, he set out with a solitary tool-box from the boot of his old dinged BMW. At first he offered PC repairs and basic IT support, CCTV cameras and computer cabling services.

News of last week's acquisition by Jersey-based Caligo capped what has become every aspiring tech-entrepreneur's dream.

Cinnte represents Calligo’s eighth acquisition in three years, and follows its January 2020 acquisitions of Dublin-based DC Networks and Itomic Voice & Data, which also has a presence in Cork.

The Celt understands Mr Barr and Caligo were in discussions for the best part of six months before all due-diligence was complete and an agreement reached.

While the value of the deal was not disclosed, Mr Barr remarked it was a “good” for all concerned.

Cinnte generated annual revenues north of the €1 million mark in recent years.

The firm's advanced capabilities in IT security align closely with Calligo’s specialism in ensuring the continuous safety of customers’ data.

Speaking to The Anglo-Celt following the announcement, Mr Barr quickly acknowledges the trust customers have placed in Cinnte since its establishment in 2010.

The advent of cloud-computing was a game changer for Mr Barr's business and, as the tech-sector grew, so too did the wide range of services Cinnte offered to its fast-growing client base.

“I started off from the boot of the car 10 years ago, slowly climbing my way up the ladder, to where we now have a nice office and plenty of infrastructure. That's exactly where it started, the old BMW,” remembers Mr Barr, who didn't want to move to Dublin to search of work after graduating.

“I said to myself at the time that I needed to make myself an opportunity that'd keep me here. Some good decisions, lessons learned, a lot of support, we are where we are now. You're only as good the people who support you - wife, family, friends, coaches and staff - Jim Kelly and Joey Hickey specifically.”

He praises the support of local business groups, such as the Chamber, BNI and the local enterprise board.

The acquisition, Mr Barr explains, means there will be “more opportunities” for his staff within the Caligo network of companies, and also the potential to create even more high-skilled jobs in this region specifically.

Mr Barr credits the vision and experience of Caligo founder, Julian Box, as another influencing factor.

He believes Cavan can develop as fertile ground for other new tech start-ups.

Pointing to the role the Digital Hub has played since opening last year, Mr Barr said: “I love Cavan, and there is huge potential there. Whether that's in the tech sector or existing business. Some of the businesses we serve turnover in the hundreds of millions, and a lot of them are local, and jobs are being created from that.

“The local enterprise board, the Chamber, BNI, they've all been of great support to me. If we can figure out a way of myself, other businesses, public bodies, sitting down and brainstorming how we can best position the county going forward, I've no doubt great things can be achieved and by people from this county.”