Stephen Reburn getting in some ensurance bare foot running in preparation for his big challenge.

Cavanman to run 400km bare footed for Pieta House

APPEAL ‘Something radical needs to be done’

When most of us are tucking into our Christmas dinner, a big hearted Cavan man will be well into his barefoot run from Letterkenny to Killarney in a unique effort to raise funds for Pieta House outreach facilities in the Cavan/Monaghan area.

Stephen Reburn from Maudabawn, who is a sales rep with EIR, will set off in his bare feet at 9am on Thursday morning and will keep going night and day without stopping if possible over the four days to five days. He will pass through 55 towns and villages over the marathon run.

Stephen is endeavouring to make contact with the Guinness Book of records to ascertain if his unique run over 400 kilometers without socks or runners could be considered for one of their records.

“I will have a back-up support team made up of friends and family and some neighbours and they will have supplies on board the van and lots of water,” he said.

He was moved to undertake the challenge to promote suicide awareness and the amazing work that organisations such as Pieta House do.

“I have been to two funerals alone in recent times of young men who died by suicide. This can't be allowed to continue and something radical needs to be done,” said Stephen.

He also said he was aware of a number of cases of young men who made failed attempts to take their own lives in recent times.

“The fact that we are going into another lockdown, I dread to think what might happen to such vulnerable people and what might be the outcome at the end of these lockdowns,” he remarked.

Coronavirus restrictions have impacted people's mental health and also hit supports and services, added Stephen.

In relation to preparing for this epic run, Stephen says: “I have been doing pain training, which includes running in my bare feet, running on my knees and both river and lake diving. It is about getting used to being uncomfortable and endurance tests are a bit like life.”

To donate to Stephen's bare foot run for Pieta House, visit:

You can also visit his social media platforms to get more details.