Local hospital management urge GPs to only make referrals in 'urgent cases'

The spike in Covid cases locally has seen Cavan General management urge GPs to only make referrals to the hospital in cases of “urgent care only.”

The request was made today to general practitioners in Cavan and Monaghan Hospital Region due to Cavan General Hospital “currently experiencing an increased volume of Covid-19 presentations.”

The detail was revealed by Monaghan GP, Illona Duffy as she urged the public to play their part in reducing pressure on the local health service.

Her comments come in light of the cabinet considering greater restrictions and a rapid increase in positive cases of the virus both nationally, and locally. Health authorities yesterday reported 56 positive results in Co Monaghan and 26 in Co Cavan.

In a tweet, Dr Illona Duffy posted an image of the correspondence from hospital management and, observed: “This is what happens when the health service comes under pressure.

“We can reduce demand on acute services by adhering to Covid prevention guidelines, reducing the spread of Covid and other infectious illnesses. Heart attacks, strokes, appendicitis etc also need urgent access.”