The Manager of the Belturbet Fitness Centre, Tara Henderson leading by example during this workout routine.

Storing up problems

The manager of a fitness facility in west Cavan has said regular users are “missing it hugely”.

Tara Henderson runs the Belturbet Fitness Centre, which is currently closed due to Covid restrictions during what should be their busiest time of year.

She believes the prolonged closure of gyms only serve to store up other health problems for the future.

“People are at home a lot more, and they are eating and drinking more. There will be a problem with diabetes and weight gain,” predicted Tara.

“I have the same group of women who came into the centre every morning at 10am for their class. They all loved completing their workout. They also enjoyed the social aspect and many of them are stay at home mums,” she revealed.

“They had a routine by dropping the kids off to school and then coming into the class. Then there were the people who were working and they would come in to the evening class. The workouts are good for them and release endorphins,” continued Tara.

“It is difficult for people trying to work from home and do home schooling at the same time. Even if we were allowed to do outdoor classes, it would be something for people to participate in – the fact that you can’t do anything is crazy,” she fumed.

Tara said the gym was well run and adhering strictly to all Covid restrictions and guidelines.

“We were keeping it to limited numbers and they were all spread out two meters apart in the studio for the classes. Everyone had to sign in and out and sanitise coming in and going out,” she revealed.

Tara is hoping they will be permitted to reopen on March 5. She too is trying to help members virtually.

“I am doing live workouts on Facebook Live every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10am on the Belturbet Fitness Facebook Page,” she said.