CCTV snaps heart happiness in progress

Outpouring of support for mystery cupids hanging hearts throughout Belturbet for Valentines Day

The mystery cupids who, under the cover of darkness, secretly decorated Belturbet with little red hearts before Valentine's Day, have been captured on CCTV.

The people of the Erneside town awoke to find trees, bushes, gates and fences festooned with felt material hearts, each neatly tied or hung, with ribbons.

“It's certainly raised a smile,” chuckled local resident Michael Mahon, recalling his surprise at finding the heart-warming gesture outside his home.

“I think it's absolutely wonderful,” added Michael, who said that it was all anyone in the town was talking about.

Although the identity of those behind the Valentine's Day decorating remains a mystery, CCTV footage from several local businesses has pieced together a picture of what went on.

Working in teams, the cupids kept off Belturbet's Main Street itself, but still braved adorning the trees and shrubbery which stand within the central Diamond.

Hoods up and caps on in order to conceal their faces, and working from backpacks, the images show those responsible busily pinning hearts to the outside of businesses after 11pm on Saturday night, and in another still-image, assisting each other in decorating the trees.

They also hung hearts all along the riverbank, and in the direction of Erne Hill.

Their actions went viral after pictures were widely shared on social media. On The Anglo-Celt's social media pages, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

'We need more of these lovely ideas at this difficult time', wrote Carmel Thomas lauding the efforts.

Stella Murphy meanwhile posted: 'Aww such a lovely thing to do. Well done to whoever it was!

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