Redemption for Cork

Cavan's most recent depiction on the silver screen Redemption of a Rogue is being screened tomorrow night [Tuesday] online as part of The Cork Film Festival... new film club.

CIFF Film Club offers a specially selected series of fortnightly screenings of new Irish and international features, documentaries and classics, with exclusive interviews and Q&As with filmmakers.

This will be first time to see Philip Doherty's Redemption of a Rogue since the premier took place last year at The Galway Film Fleadh.

The Galway festival of film took place entirely online in July of 2020: “The journey of Redemption of a Rogue is one fraught with peril, but will inevitable end in the titular outcome of redemptions.” the director told the Celt.

The optimism of Doherty is well place as the cinematic offering will also be screened as part of the the prestigious Glasgow Film Festival this week: “This is one of the top Film Festivals in the UK and is our international premier. It was changed to an online festival recently.”

Due to the lockdown restrictions affecting most of Scotland, and the rest of the UK, Glasgow Film Festival 2021 (GFF21) will now take place online only, on the festival dates: 24 February to 7 March.

Doherty's work is described as a “tar black comedy” telling the story of Jimmy, a nihilist carrying around a black leather doctor’s bag containing the rope he plans to hang himself with. Filled with guilt and shame, he returns to his hometown in the cold austere beauty of West Cavan.

With the input of many Cavan people, both on and off the screen, there is a great deal of interest in when the film will finally have a public showing in its home county.