Call for footpath to Flemings Folly

There is an urgent need for a footpath to be put in place from Ballinagh to Cashel Cross and from Crossdoney to Kilsallagh to accommodate people walking to Flemings Foll. The call was made by Cllr Winston Bennett at the recent virtual meeting of the Ballyjamesduff Municipal District.

Cllr Bennett also felt that a cycle lane would also be appropriate along that road from Ballinagh out to Cashel Cross. He pointed out that there is a 5km looped route taking in Crossdoney to Killsallagh.

He added that huge numbers of people are going up to the Flemings Folly and he has been asked if it would be possible to put a footpath in place along the Cavan road.

Senior Executive Engineer, John McGahern, said they had recent meetings with the National Transport Authority (NTA), which is charged by the Department of Transport with administering an active travel grant to promote pedestrian and cycling facilities.

"To date the N55 is a national secondary road and the bit you are talking about Cllr Bennett has a 100km speed limit. Traditionally the NTI would not encourage or fund pedestrian facilities along a road like that because, in their view, it is not safe to have people walking there. But we all know that they are walking there anyway," said Mr McGahern.

"The reason I am bringing it to the NTA is that one part of that loop... I have discussed it with them and I hope to get funding for it – that is the Ballinagh to Crossdoney road out to Kilsallagh. This funding has not been committed yet. We can’t be certain of it, but we are hopeful," added the engineer.

"I would hope that once that section of the loop is addressed, I would also be hoping that we could get something for the N55, with a view to providing a safer route for pedestrians and cyclists out to Cashel Cross," said Mr McGahern.

Cllr Philip Brady (FF) also supported Cllr Bennett’s motion and argued that the section of road in question on the Cavan Road should be a 60km road.

"There have been many accidents at Cashel Cross and it is a danger coming down towards the existing footpath. There are a lot of people are out walking and the loop walk would be brilliant," he said.

The chairman of the MD, Cllr Craig Lovett also gave his backing to the motion.

"Flemings Folly is a great tourist attraction and I think, if those footpaths were put in place, it would make it safer and would encourage even more people to walk that loop and make use of Flemings Folly."