PSNI investigate suspect device report

Police in Fermanagh are urging anyone who comes across, or who notices any suspicious objects, in the Fermanagh border area not to touch them.

Yesterday Chief Inspector Rory Hoy said: “We received a report earlier today (Saturday 13th March) that some type of device has been left in the Fermanagh border area, specifically in the areas of Cavan Road and Clones Road, Newtownbutler.”

The police spokesperson said: “We are investigating this report, working to establish an exact location of any such device. In the meantime, I am appealing to members of the public living in, or travelling through these areas, to be vigilant and not to touch any suspicious objects but to contact us immediately by calling 999.”

No roads have been closed at this time.Police are asking anyone who notices any suspicious objects not to touch them, but to contact police immediately by calling 999.

A similar incident at the Wattlebridge Road area in August 2019 saw police and army technical officers narrowly escaped injury after responding to a security alert.

After responding to initial reports that a device had been left in the area, a hoax device was inspected before a bomb then exploded on the main A3 Cavan Road.