‘Trade disruption in Northern Ireland means trade disruption throughout the island’ - Smith

A local TD has stressed it is “absolutely essential” that the all-island economy is protected post-Brexit.

Deputy Brendan Smith was speaking in the Dáil, ahead of a meeting of the European Commission this week, in which it is expected there will be discussions with US President Joe Biden on EU-US relationships.

Deputy Smith commented; “It is absolutely essential the protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland is implemented in a practical manner and there is partnership with Britain to ensure the difficulties that exist are ironed out in a practical manner."

His comments come in light of extra bureaucracy for businesses trading between the North and Britain, which has raised tensions among unionists. They claim the north-south aspect of the Belfast Agreement has been protected at the expense of east-west relations.

“Trade disruption in Northern Ireland means trade disruption throughout all of the island," said the chair of the British Irish Parliamentary Assembly, Brendan Smith. “We need to protect the all-Ireland economy. It is essential the Northern Ireland protocol is dealt with in a practical way and those problems are eliminated.”