Ballyconnell's Caoimhe McGowan was elected Ógra Fianna Fáil National Campaigns and Events Director at the Fianna Fáil National Youth Conference.

Citizens' Assembly on Irish unity priority for young FF politician

Upon being elected as Ógra Fianna Fáil National Campaigns and Events Director, a Ballyconnell woman has stressed the need to establish a Citizens’ Assembly to consider Irish unity.

Caoimhe McGowan was elected at the Fianna Fáil National Youth Conference last week. She secured 70% of votes against her Waterford opponent.

This year’s National Youth Conference was the first of its kind to be held virtually, due to the pandemic, and it attracted over 500 delegates from across the Island of Ireland.

As the new National Campaigns and Events Director, Caoimhe is also elected a Vice-President of Ógra Fianna Fáil and is one of five Ógra representatives on the Fianna Fáil Árd Chomhairle, the Party Executive, giving Caoimhe a unique opportunity to represent the people of Cavan-Monaghan at a National Level and influence the decision makers in Government.

During her campaign, Ms. McGowan highlighted her priorities and vision for Fianna Fáil over the next term and coming years. Ms. McGowan promoted her Republicanism and the need to take the unification question seriously, stressing that this will be her core focus once elected.

“The Government must set up a Citizens’ Assembly to fully examine unity and its impacts on all the people of Ireland," said Caoimhe. "The debacle that is Brexit came about from an ill-thought-out campaign by Brexiteers, without consideration for constitutional, economic or social changes that would arise from a 'Yes' vote.

"While the increasing discussion around a border poll is welcome, Brexit shows us we must be ready with plans for a shared Ireland in the aftermath of a 'Yes' vote to unity, and as co-guarantors of the Good Friday Agreement, the Irish Government is best placed to spearhead this conversation and planning through the setting up of a Citizens’ Assembly.”

Ms McGowan’s other priorities are to focus on building up the grassroots strength of Ógra and Fianna Fáil through the promotion of youth as community leaders and candidates, and through the formation and publishing of campaigns to address issues affecting young people, marginalised communities and vulnerable citizens.