Francis Cahill from the Seven Horse Shoes looking to meeting their customers again soon.

Vaccination key to pub and restaurant businesses reopening - Cahills

Landmark occasions in many people’s lives have been celebrated at The Seven Horse Shoes in Belturbet for decades.

The Cahills are acutely aware of how important socialising was to their customers. “Today’s local pub has so much more to offer than in the past. You can enjoy your favourite alcohol beverage, a range of non alcohol beers, exquisite cocktails or a coffee,” enthused Francis.

He likens a visit to the Seven Horse Shoes, say for a “relaxed dining experience” to an “uplifting tonic”, and points out that this tonic is badly needed at present by people suffering social isolation.

Francis and Dolores are glass half-full people and contend that if the vaccine is rolled out in line with what the Taoiseach has promised, “we would be confident we can open sometime in June and have a good summer. The roll out of the vaccine is the key to us meeting our customers again.”

To hammer home the point about the great atmosphere in the hospitality sector, Francis Cahill posed the question: “When is the last time anyone, who has been drinking at home, has told you that they enjoyed a great night in the house last night.”

He stressed that the Seven Horse Shoes will strictly adhere to whatever HSE measures are in place when pubs, restaurants and hotels open up again to the public.

“Pubs, restaurants and hotels are superb in this area and people should be encouraged to experience what they have to offer, so that they can experience those moments in time, that do linger in our mind,” says Francis.

It is important according to the Belturbet man to have top class restaurants, pubs and hotels in rural towns to offer the young people living and working in the area an enhanced quality of life.

The Seven Horse shoes rolled out their extensive take away menu over the Easter weekend in response to requests from the customers. A simple phone call and payment by credit/debit card and your order will be ready for collection in a short time.

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