Burglaries down by 39% in Cavan and Monaghan during lockdown

Burglary figures decreased by 39% in Cavan and Monaghan during 2020, with a total reduction of 42% throughout Ulster and 35% nationwide.

Although reassuring and positive to see, PhoneWatch, provider of monitored home safety systems, is encouraging homeowners to remain diligent and continue to protect the things and people they cherish most as restrictions lift.

Almost 11,000 burglaries and other related offences occurred nationwide last year, with 396 taking place in Ulster. Cavan and Monaghan reported 255, with Donegal reporting 141.

Nationally, Leinster is the hotspot accounting for 70% of all burglaries.

In the past year, burglaries have been reported in every county in Ireland from Donegal to Kerry. Unsurprisingly the capital, Dublin, has experienced the most break ins (47%), followed by Cork and Limerick.

Mayo (0.9%) meanwhile is the county in Ireland with the least number of burglaries in the past twelve months, with Roscommon and Longford reporting low figures too (1%).

Interestingly, break ins in commuter counties have dropped significantly too (45%) over the past year, as people travel less and work from home.

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