Family relaxing at the Walk About Coffee Dock at Haltons Amenity Park while Trent Smith and Ben Folkman bringing a touch of Australian outdoor catering to Cootehill.

Food on the move in Cootehill

Hundreds of people were out walking, running, cycling, boating and, courtesy of a joint initiative by Cootehill Development Association and two local men, enjoying refreshments at an open air facility at Halton’s Amenity Park last Sunday.

Two natives of Australia, Trent Smith and Ben Folkman are delighted to have the opportunity to open the ‘Walk About’ coffee dock alongside Cootehill Development Association. In addition to hot beverages, teas, coffees, and exquisite cappuccinos it also offers snacks such as soup and homemade brown bread.

The Walk About just commenced last weekend and proved a big hit with families at the popular amenity.

“We will also be endeavouring to drive more community focussed events in the park, complimented by good refreshments, good coffee and good craic. As the sun shines this summer, there will be a lot more happening here,” predicted Trent.

The guys, who both come from Australia, already produce their own brand of quality granola.

“Ben used to work in Bellamont Forest Estate and I used to work in Hilton Park. Two similar jobs by two Australians and we met here – a friendship was born,” said Ben Folkman of how they met up.

Ben Folkman is reportedly a great guitarist and they are looking forward to some open air jam sessions over the summer months.

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