Crossword 9115 by Arahoden

Check out our latest crossword by our mystery compiler Arahoden. As usual, you can expect some Cavan twists. Print it out, complete it and enter our competition to win a coveted Anglo-Celt pen (details below)...



9. The munchies at home in Ryefield (15)

10. Indigenous people sometimes said to be revolting (7)

12. Brit ore refined for spacecraft (7)

13. Elegant African ruminants upset Leona's pet (9)

14. Mythological female begins New York miles per hour (5)

15. Before MacFinns played in the first County Final (7)

18. Bead of early morning condensation a former Inn in Cavan Town (7)

21. Military fusillade get out of voltages (5)

23. Donegal waterway also on the Cavan border (5,4)

25. Dares to change cooked in the oven (7)

26. Bites gently tasty titbits (7)

29. The Lord Protector's water crossing structure in Dun na Rí (9,6)


1. End of prayers in Killydream encampment (4)

2. Tang returns flying insect (4)

3. Levi bell makes the hill for Flemings Folly (8)

4. Preforms more senior duties maybe gives trouble (4,2)

5. Signed the back of a cheque Rod needs changed (8)

6. Saintly wise man in Templeport (6)

7. Boiling measure for ova (3,5)

8. Interstellar craft precedes enterprise for Captain Kirk (8)

11. Sleep disorder appearing to lose grip (5)

15. Open air altar at Murmod (4,4)

16. Dual logo to make a lake near Arva (8)

17. Yorkshire river valley terrier (8)

19. Bavarian city home for Kilianfest (8)

20. Imperial weight measure for snow leopard (5)

22. Canadian capital (6)

24. Disappear (6)

27. Lord's female companion (4)

28. Men only outhouse in Gortnakesh edifice (4)

To enter: Print out the crossword, complete it and post your entry to The Anglo-Celt, Crossword Competition, Kilmore Business Park, Dublin Road, Cavan, to be in with a chance of winning one of our coveted Anglo-Celt pens and for the glory, of course.

Please remember to put the volume number of your entry on the outside of your submission.

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