Noel Monahan introduces his contribution to Poetry Day Ireland, produced by Cavan Library Services.

Inoculate yourself with poetry

To mark Poetry Day Ireland, Noel Monahan has recited a clutch of uplifting verse in a beautifully judged short film.

The four selected poems are loosely tethered to the theme 'New Directions, Maps and Journeys', but 'celebrations' would be a more apt theme.

Monahan opens with a poem inspired by his many walks up Cuilcagh. There he reflects on the 'tough and tender' wildflower, Saxifraga, which as he explains is Latin for stone breaker. This wonderful short verse ends with the memorable line:

'Our only prayers, that some seeds may fly with the winds of chance into the open mouths of years to come.'

Recitals of poems celebrating a new life, 'For Oisín', and one of Monahan's and Monaghan's favourite poets, Patrick Kavanagh in 'Beyond the Wind' follow.

“I love his sense of place; his sheer honesty with regards to life in rural Ireland,” says Noel by way of introduction of the Inniskeen wordsmith.

Noel Monahan ends the petite film, produced by Cavan Library Service, with 'Bealtaine'; a poem recited in both Irish and English that giddily embraces the excitement of a child's view of nature:

'The wind lifts the yellow dress of the whin bush for fun'.

At only seven minutes, it is a snappy burst of quality reassuring verse that'd do your heart good.