Paddy Hagan, general manager of O’Reilly Oakstown.

A concrete future at O’Reilly Oakstown

AC: What products does your company offer?

PH: O’Reilly Oakstown is part of the O’Reilly Concrete Group, which provides quality concrete products throughout Ireland & UK. From our factory site in Oakstown, Trim, we provide a range of environmental solutions including wastewater treatment systems, oil/water separators, certified septic tanks, large capacity precast tanks and pumping stations.

Over the years we have grown from supplying domestic wastewater treatment systems to providing a full bespoke design and installation service for large commercial treatment plants for hotels, schools, nursing homes, bars/restaurants, office blocks, factories, petrol stations, sports centres etc. As environmental awareness increases, at O’Reilly Oakstown we intend to keep providing innovative solutions to environmental problems whenever and wherever they may arise.

We also manufacture of range of retaining L-walls/A-walls, which are predominantly used in agriculture and waste management facilities.

AC: So, what is new at O’Reilly Oakstown?

PH: In recent years we have added Ultraflo Liquid Screed and Readymix Concrete to our portfolio of products. Ultraflo Liquid Screed is a calcium sulphate, hemihydrate, pump applied liquid floor screed. The self-compacting screed provides a quick, smooth and level surface with minimum levelling. It is factory produced in our batching plant in Trim and delivered to site ready to be pumped directly into position. It’s an excellent product when used with underfloor heating as it offers greater thermal conductivity than traditional sand/cement screeds. It can be poured to depths as little as 35mm ensuring rooms heat up faster, while reducing energy bills.

This is a much quicker method than laying a traditional sand and cement screed and generally can take light traffic after just 24 hours. We supply to a 60km radius from our Trim plant.

AC: With almost 50 years in business, what is the secret of O’Reilly Oakstown’s success?

PH: Originally the company manufactured concrete fence posts, kerbs, cills and lintels. By 1982, Oakstown had diversified in to cattle slats and other agri-products and was one of largest slat makers in the country. From this Oakstown diversified into concrete septic tanks and in the late 90s pioneered the Oakstown BAF wastewater treatment system when environmental regulations were introduced. I believe we have grown and prospered because of our commitment to supplying effective and reliable systems and our clients trust in our knowledge garnered by 50 years of experience and dedication to offering a quality, robust product every time.

AC: So, what’s in store for the next 50 years?

PH: As a manufacturer of environmental precast solutions, we are very aware of our own impact on the environment. We have just completed a forest plantation of 15,000 trees on 11 acres of ground at our production facility at Trim. This is something we are very proud of and it is a very fitting way to celebrate Oakstown’s 50th year since it was established.

Looking to the future - we have our sights firmly set on developing a strong market for our products in the UK. We have achieved steady growth in the UK over the past three or four years and, despite the challenges of both Brexit and Covid-19, we continue to grow both our Irish and UK market share.