Kalin Goldstone will be representing Cavan in the upcoming Miss Ireland competition. Kalin is sponsored by City Lady Studio. You can vote for Kalin by downloading the Miss Ireland app and voting there. Photo: Lorraine Teevan

Kalin’s bid to be crowned Miss Ireland

Miss Ireland is one of the World’s longest running beauty pageants. Established in 1947, it has been the launch pad for many well-known Irish women. The winner represents the country in the Miss World competition.

In Miss World’s 73-year history, there have been many Irish top 10 and top 15 finalists, but only one winner so far when, in 2003, Rosanna Davison took the tiara. The competition is not just based on beauty; there are many other tasks the winner must excel at including ‘beauty with a purpose’ work, interview, fashion, sports, talent and social media skills.

Kalin Goldstone is hoping to represent Cavan in the finals of this year’s national competition: “I applied to take part in Miss Ireland and I was just informed that I will be representing Cavan,” a delighted Kalin told The Anglo-Celt.

“The round I am in at the moment is public voting, so I hope that people will get behind me so I can go forward to to the finals of the competition,” she said.

The 19-year-old was born in Cavan, but her mother is originally from Durban in South Africa while her father is Brazilian: “I went to St Clare’s in primary and Breifne College for secondary school. I’m currently in my second year of college. I started school young. I did my Leaving Cert when I was 17. I am doing business in AIT. I have always been interested in the way the business world works, in fact I have a small business with one of my closest friends.

“Our business is called Gold Cherry Boutique. We started off selling false eyelashes, we have expanded into jewellery and make-up products. It’s a real girlie store,” the young entrepreneur laughs.

It’s clear Kalin’s motivation for taking the leap to represent Cavan in the beauty pageant is not vanity: “I have always been interested in modelling. I love creative things, dancing, music and creating pictures. I love being behind a camera. I kind of lost my confidence for a long time when I was in school. I suppose that’s part of growing up. The pressure on young people to be a certain way is very real. When I saw the advertisement for Miss Ireland I just thought it was a way of putting myself forward, meeting new people and having this exciting new experience.”

The aspiring Miss Ireland is eager to be more assertive in pursuing her dreams.

“I know I have missed out on so many opportunities by being afraid. I am putting myself in this position, even though I am scared inside, to just go for it.

“I want to share that message with young people. I know what it’s like to be timid as a young person and it’s important to get past that,” she tells.

Missed experiences

As a young lady in 2021, Kalin is acutely aware of the experiences everyone in her age bracket have forgone due to coronavirus. The social distancing, the lack of social outlets, the absence of mingling with peers is something everyone has endured, but for Kalin’s generation it’s even more acute. Her last year in college is a very different experience to what she expected.

“I had one full semester in college. I got a bit of the second semester, that’s when the first major lockdown happened. From then, everything was online. Since September of this year, we were in for two weeks, wearing masks and social distancing. All the exams are online and the classes have been online. It’s tough. It is harder to stay focused and motivated in the online environment. You still have to engage in college and take care of yourself. Not being able to see people has been very tough,” Kalin explains.

“It has definitely affected a lot of people. Now when I meet people I find it difficult, I suppose in a way we have forgotten how to socialise in the way we did before. I feel that is the same for everyone,” she says.

Her mixed heritage has given her a perspective that she feels is important to share with others:

“There is a social pressure to look a certain way and to be ‘perfect’ all the time, that’s just now how life is.

“I am only 19 and I have a lot to experience, but I have felt the pressure of presenting myself to the world; being a mixed girl, not being comfortable with my curly hair at one point. It seems crazy to me now, but there was a time when that was the way I felt.

“I want to show that it is okay to be different, you do not have to look like everyone else.”

The Miss Ireland 2021 will be different to previous competitions. It did not run last year because of the pandemic.

Kalin explains her expectations for the competition: “A lot of the county finals are online. We send in videos and we have been engaging in Zoom calls and we have to meet the judges over Zoom. It’s not sure how the later stages of the competition will take place, I suppose it has a lot to do with how the easing of restrictions will go.

“Right now I am just hoping that as many people in Cavan get behind me. It is harder for contestants from the smaller counties to compete against the large urban centres, but hopefully I will make it to the next round.”

Kalin’s grandmother, Marisa Goldstone, spoke of her pride of seeing her granddaughter represent Cavan: “Thrilled and nervous at the same time,” she laughs.

“It’s a big thing. I am genuinely happy for her. I want her to do well. It is a nice experience for her.”

The winner of Miss Ireland will go on to Miss World, one of the world’s biggest TV shows, broadcast to over 140 countries attracting thousands of entrants from around the globe.

You can vote for Kalin by downloading the Miss Ireland app and voting there.

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