500 applications from Cavan in passport backlog

Hopeful holidaymakers face further delays with the backlog in passport applications being processed at present including almost 500 from Co Cavan.

Earlier this year the Passport Service “paused” processing of routine applications, with the Department of Foreign Affairs saying it would deal with emergency and urgent essential cases only. The suspension, it was announced, would continue until restrictions eased.

At least one-fifth of the current applications from Cavan with the service are first time applications. The remainder are renewals.

As well as issuing more than 3,500 urgent and emergency passports, the Passport Service has also issued approximately 45,000 passports since the beginning of the year.

There are approximately 90,000 Passport Online applications in the system.

Applicants who require an urgent or emergency passport can contact the Passport Service via the Customer Service Hub Webchat function, which since the turn of the year has responded to approximately 45,000 individual queries.

Irish citizens resident overseas should continue to contact the Passport Service through the local Irish Embassy or Consulate General who continue to provide assistance to all our citizens abroad.

The number of applications in the system that are for applicants resident overseas is approximately 36,000.

There are 300 applications on the system from applicants residing in Leitrim and Longford, with 100 first time applications in each respectively; 2,100 in Meath (400); and 400 in Monaghan (100).

In the six-counties, there are 4,900 applications in Antrim of which 3,000 are first time applications; 1,600 (700 FTA) in Derry; 400 in Fermanagh (200); 1,000 in Armagh (500); 3,200 in Down (1,900); 1,200 in Tyrone (600).

The return to full operations will commence with all applications received via Passport Online.

The Passport Service is confident, taking into account measures to ensure a safe workplace, that any Passport Online backlog can be cleared in six to eight weeks.

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