The late Baby Rudden featured in the Vanishing Ireland book. Now the project is moving to podcast.

Vanishing Ireland set to become a podcast

STORIES Producers seek suggestions of people over 70 to interview for new format

Twenty years since the acclaimed Vanishing Ireland project began, author and historian, Turtle Bunbury is creating a new series of profile interviews with Ireland’s elders to share their life stories. Former broadcaster Anne Doyle is putting the call out to people to propose family members or friends over the age of 70, who would like to share their stories.

Vanishing Ireland with Turtle Bunbury is a podcast series of interviews with Ireland’s over 70’s, celebrating their life stories, challenges, courage, kindness and humour. The series seeks to document the very often, extraordinary lives of our older population in a way that celebrates the past while informing younger generations in shaping the future. This new series aims to highlight the wealth of humour, resilience and wisdom from Ireland’s elders. Created in audio format, Turtle will discuss life and its learnings with people across Ireland, saving and celebrating their voices for future generations.

Drumcor’s very own Baby Rudden, who passed away in 2015, had her interview included in ‘Vanishing Ireland, Further Chronicles of a Disappearing World: Volume 2’ published in 2009. Baby spoke openly and poignantly on her long career as a farmer and the considerable hardships she suffered throughout her life. A local hero, Baby was never short of a great story and was famous for her delicious beef soup with vegetables and potatoes, which went down a treat with the men who used to provide help to her on her vast piece of farming land.

Speaking about the Vanishing Ireland Series, Bunbury says: “Twenty years ago, I teamed up with the renowned photographer James Fennell to create what became the first Vanishing Ireland book. We knew how important it was to chronicle the experience of our older generations, so many of whose fascinating lives were literally vanishing, unrecorded. Introducing the voices of Vanishing Ireland to the podcast generation is an entirely new departure for our elders but is deeply exciting and very much in keeping with our aims. It is my great hope that listening to these interviews - the wisdom, the humour, the memories - will enhance the way we live our own lives."

Taking part in the launch former broadcaster Anne Doyle added, “This is such a special series documenting the stories of the past so that they are captured in history forever. I am delighted to work alongside (sponsors) SuperValu and Turtle Bunbury to ensure these stories are available for many generations to come.

"I encourage you to enter family members to be part of this wonderful series. It’s high time we hear from our older generation and revisit our past with its rich history. We can all learn something from the experience.”

The mission of Vanishing Ireland has always been to preserve the stories of the older generations, bringing to life the world that our grandparents knew in a manner that appeals to a 21st century audience. The hope is for Vanishing Ireland to inspire children and grandchildren to listen to the stories of their own parents and grandparents, as well as older friends and neighbours, creating a record of memories for future generations.

Those who would like to put forward friends or family over 70’s, are asked to email or visit Closing date for entries is Friday, June 4.

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