Cavan musician releases debut album

‘The Yellowhead Project’ (aka Philip Gargan) is a former member of trad-pop boyband Reel

After the recent success of two critically acclaimed singles, ‘A Million Minds In Tune’ and ‘Strange World’, ‘The Yellowhead Project’ (aka Philip Gargan) has today releases his eagerly awaited debut album ‘Master The Monster.’

Clichéd though it may be, ‘Master The Monster’ was a labour of love for the Tierworker native, many years in the making, the seeds of which were first planted in the years following the break up of his first band, Reel (Universal Records).

Over time, what started as a studio experiment in soundscape creation, organically evolved into a unique musical sound representative of the new and more independent direction which was calling.

There was also undoubtedly, a therapeutic element to the album’s creation.

As a practicing Psychotherapist, Gargan believes very strongly in the positive psychological effects that music can have, whether as a listener, or in this case, creator.

“These songs helped me to move forward, both musically and as a person” he says. “They gave me the space I needed to be truly authentic. It’s more a felt sense than anything I can fully explain, but making this album became one of the most important things that I’ve ever done for myself.”

All the songs on ‘Master The Monster’ were produced by long time TYP collaborator, and musical mentor Peter Eades (producer of Finbar Furey, Clannad, John Sheehan and Thin Lizzy amongst many others), whose expertise was paramount in shaping the sound.

Eades also had a key writing input throughout.

‘Master The Monster' is out now and available from all major streaming platforms.

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