ED patients asked to vaccinations details with them

Patients attending the Emergency Department at Cavan General Hospital are being asked to bring their vaccination details with them where possible.

The ED remains open to all patients, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated to date or not, but the local hospital says attendance with such additional information will assist in streamlining the process in process to delivering immediate care.

“If those who have been vaccinated are able to bring those details with them, that'd be great. It certainly doesn't mean that we're only taking those who are vaccinated, anyone who need urgent emergency care can of course still attend. Its simply so to make things easier of the us,” explains General Manager David Lynch.

The hospital meanwhile is still coming to terms with the fallout of a recent cyber attack that crippled all health IT systems nationwide.

Despite this, Mr Lynch strikes a positive tone, with essential inpatient, day care, and most outpatient services still operational.

Radiology and lab systems are also now up and running, Mr Lynch is happy to report. “It makes things a lot easier. Most of ours have been scanned and checked, so we're definitely moving in the right direction with all that has happened. There is some restoration still to be done, some retrospective data to and admin work that needs to put into the system, but we're working on that. Whilst all that is happening, attendances are still up, people are still coming into the hospital, we're delivering a high standard of care to all our patients and we remain busy.”