Credit unions team up with retailers to offer flexible finance

PARTNERSHIP Shop local, borrow local!

County Cavan Credit Unions have come to together in a bid to offer members the very best finance deal when making a purchase in local shops for items such as furniture or electrical goods.

A credit union’s ethos encapsulates community spirit, support, and the wellbeing of its members. It if for this reason that Ballyconnell, Cavan, Cootehill, Link, Shercock and Virginia Credit Unions want to build a strong finance relationship with all local retailers throughout the county.

When you support your local shop, you can now support your local credit union. Your retailer can now offer you guidance on a financial loan with your credit union and the advantages are immense.

Your local credit union can offer you flexible finance on your purchase. This means that the loan can be tailored to your affordability. The loan application can be done through an online system without the requirement of coming into an office. There are no hidden administration or transactions fees. The loan is insured at no direct cost to the member so, in the event of a death, the loan is paid off. Credit unions offer flexibility around loan repayments not offered by other forms of finance, meaning you can pay off the loan early at no extra cost.

George Hamilton is the manager of the Cootehill Credit Union - one of the participating credit unions. "As we are encouraged to shop local, we should also borrow local because credit union’s support local community initiatives and charities throughout county Cavan, which you can directly benefit from," he said.

He also pointed to the strong reputation of credit unions as institutions you can trust.

Credit unions have once again been recognised as the most highly regarded financial services organisation, according the Ireland RepTrak study. The 2021 study is based on a survey of over 6,500 members of the public, which gathered data on the levels of trust, respect, admiration and esteem they have for organisations in Ireland.

Simply call into your local retailer to enquire if they have signed up to the County Cavan Credit Union initiative. They can provide you with an information leaflet on the flexible finance. You can then apply for your finance through your local credit union’s website or call into one of their offices. Your application with be fast tracked through the system for quick and hassle-free finance and once approved you can then get your new purchase.

"So, whether it’s a new lawnmower, kitchen, bicycle or dental work be sure to borrow local while shopping local," urges Mr Hamilton on behalf of all participating outlets.

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